Fine Dining – Multi-Media on Canvas – 72″ x 17″ x 4″

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South Bay Contemporary SoLA Gallery

May 26 though June 23, 2018  –  More Info

Mixed Media
32″W x 83″H x 10″D

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June 2 and 3 – 2018  –  More Info

“Athens Street Tower”


My art career started in the early 70’s making glass and mirror wall designs after work at my regular job as a ‘glazier’. I sold my art at the Marina Del Rey Art Show on Sundays and after a few months I quit my regular job and worked as an artist full time for the next six years.

After getting married, I decided to get into a completely different type profession and quit making art except for furniture for my own house and other ‘decorating’ like painting faux finishes on walls.

When I turned 50, I woke up one morning and declared “I am ready to make art.” For the last several years I have been making assemblages, paintings, woodworks, stained glassworks, and furniture.

My artwork is shown intermittently at galleries in Southern California.

Artist’s Statement

I have always been interested in seeing and using materials differently than their original intended use. When I peruse a 99 cent store or swap meet I look at objects not for what they are but how I could possibly use them or part of them in an artwork.

Most of my artwork is 3 dimensional and large in scale- an assemblage of various materials. Many of these materials are recovered from construction sites, as I have been a builder for 20+ years and am able to recycle items being demolished at the beginning of a project or left over at the end.

The first time I saw Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Combines’ I knew I was looking at the direction of art I would be heading. I was profoundly affected not only in the way materials were combined but also the color palette- the muted and blended hues; my favorite artist from the last half of the twentieth century.

I use many types of materials including wood, glass, metal, wire, piping, flooring, and other various found objects to create art and furniture.

I recently completed an outdoor sculpture of steel, ceramic and glass.

Lastly, I am painting canvasses that are primarily landscapes that also are creating space visually for the viewer. I get my primary inspiration from the artist Anselm Kiefer.


Residence: Altadena, CA

Email: jayreedart@gmail.com

Cell: 626-340-9661


2017 South Bay Contemporary SoLA Gallery

2016 Open Studios Art Tour Altadena, CA

2015 Space Gallery South Pasadena, CA

2014 Lois Lambert Gallery Bergamot Station “Chair As Art”

2013 Loft Gallery San Pedro, CA

2012 Zask Gallery Palos Verdes, CA

2011 Fremont Gallery South Pasadena, CA